New piano on Eindhoven station

Yesterday BOL installed the 17th station piano at Eindhoven station. This was festively received by initiator David Hordijk and Frank Smits of the NS.

After a lot of networking and lobbying, the piano is now 'finally' in the hall. "I've taken the plunge and walked into the NS." The NS was enthusiastic, but first held a survey among the entrepreneurs and employees of the station. They also turned out to be enthusiastic. "The experience goes up with a piano", knows Frank Smits, manager of Eindhoven station.

In total there are seventeen station pianos in the Netherlands. Eindhoven has the second one from Brabant, Breda was the first. That piano was moved to the centre side of the station last Thursday. The goal is to create more liveliness on that side. 

David Hordijk op de nieuwe piano in Eindhoven

The NS knows from research that a piano at the station contributes to the passengers' experience, provides a connection and makes waiting more pleasant. Initiator David Hordijk fully agrees with this. "It provides a moment to stop for a moment. I often played in Utrecht and Nijmegen. It's fun to play and to meet other people that way. Now of course I'm going to play a lot in Eindhoven. I like to miss a train for that".