Interview Kevin Vos- Bol pianos Veenendaal

Kevin Vos has been working at Bol Pianos for more than 6 years. From the moment Kevin walked into Bol's house he knew he wanted to go further in the world of pianos. At the age of 14 he started playing the piano and took lessons for the first 5 years. Here he learned the basics and developed himself with chord base and improvisation. Kevin mainly plays pop music.

What do you think makes Bol Piano special?

The offer. Whether you're just starting out playing the piano or you're a world-famous concert pianist, BOL has it all. From affordable starter pianos to the top segment.

Wich brand at Bol Pianos is your favorite?

In general I like the Steingraeber & Söhne grand pianos the most, but C. Bechstein's Concert 8 model is still the most beautiful piano in my eyes.

What dor you think is the most beautifull association with piano music and playing?

Music is feeling. Playing the piano allows you to process all your emotions. It depends on how you feel and what or how you play it.

What makes this store location special.

BOL Veenendaal has the largest selection of all piano shops in Europe. We have a piano or grand piano here in every possible segment. The most important thing when choosing a piano is to be able to compare. That makes a choice very personal and you can find a piano to your own taste. You can only choose a suitable piano by feeling.

VaWhich musician would you like or have already attended a piano concert?

I'm a real pop musician myself, although I also like classical music. I recently had the opportunity to watch Paul de Munnik at close quarters when we delivered a Perzina grand piano for one of his concerts. Since he was one of the examples that made me want to play the piano, that was pretty cool.

Why does a customer choose Bol?

Customers choose for BOL partly for the large offer, but also for the honesty. We try not to sell customers pianos. Since you choose a piano with the heart, by feeling, you can't sell anything in my vision. A customer can hear very well what they like and what suits them best. At most, we can advise a customer and show them what we have to offer. Since we have such a large selection, and a lot of comparisons in every segment, a client can always succeed with us.

What makes this location so special(location where you work)?

Veenendaal is the headquarters of BOL. Here we have every model of the brands we sell. We have 4 large showrooms with all kinds and sizes of pianos and grand pianos.

Where do the buyers come from?

Customers come from all over the Netherlands and even well beyond. Since Veenendaal has the largest selection of pianos and grand pianos, it can be worthwhile for many people to come from further afield.

What are your tips on getting a (second-hand) piano?

The most important thing in finding a suitable piano is feeling. You need to have a click with a piano. That can be completely different for each person. Even if you don't yet play the piano yourself, or hardly at all, you can still hear what you like to sound like.

Wich piano would you recommend for the novice player?

When you start playing, I advise you to buy a decent piano that will last you for years. This will often give you more enjoyment from the piano and allow you to play for longer.

What are your tips for maintaining a piano? 

For the maintenance of a piano, regular tuning is always very important. This is important for the lifespan and overall condition of the piano. Humidity is also very important. For a piano, usually 40-60% humidity is good. Since pianos are always very sensitive to too much moisture or drought, this is very important.

What are the costs of a new piano?

We offer new pianos from € 3.490,- with this you have a beautiful new G. Steinberg piano. For the more advanced pianists a Perzina or W. Hoffmann can be a good instrument. These vary in price between € 5000- € 10.000,- The real lovers or professionals can come to us for top segment. For example Bösendorfer, C. Bechstein or Steingraeber & Söhne.

What is the advantage of leasing a piano?

It is (especially for starting pianists) nice to start renting a piano. You can then safely try out a piano for a year, without buying it right away. After 1 year of renting, you can always buy the piano, with the paid rent being deducted in full.

Which pianos are more sold, classical or digital?

Perhaps more digital pianos are sold worldwide than acoustic ones. However, we sell the vast majority of acoustic pianos. These remain the "real" pianos. No matter how beautiful a digital piano may sound, it will never make it to an acoustic piano or grand piano in terms of sound, touch and sound experience.