Interview Dorine and Julien, pianotuners

Dorine and Julien are working at Bol Pian's & Orchestra, in Hasselt. With a lot of passion for the piano world they make sure that the sounds come out of the piano in the right way. In other words, Dorine and Julien tune the pianos and learn more and more about the technique of the piano.

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What do you think makes Bol Pianos special?

Dorine: The very friendly and enthusiastic employers. The customer-friendliness of both employers and 'staff'. The very wide range of pianos in every price category. The knowledge of each brand. And especially the will and ability of employers and employees to get the best out of each piano, and to make the pianos much better than they originally were. The willingness of the employer to put all the effort into making a piano to the customer's wishes. That's just super.

Julien: The offer is of fantastic quality. The bosses work with knowledge and a great passion and radiate this to their employees as well.

What do you think is the most beautifull association with piano music and playing?

Julien: The sound that changes in the playing. The sound that can seem very emotional to the attentive listener. The beauty of the furniture and the precision of the mechanics.

What do you think makes Bol pianos and this store location special?

Dorine: The shop is located in the heart of Limburg, Hasselt. Very easy to reach, by car as well as by public transport.

Julien: The offer is of fantastic quality. The bosses work with knowledge and a great passion and radiate this also to their employees.

Which musician would you like to hear or which did you find great?

Dorine: I would like to hear Daniel Barenboim play live.
A few years ago I heard a pianist play the piano concerto for Ravel's left hand in the Singel in Antwerp. Unfortunately, I don't remember his name. I do know that he came on stage too late and looked rather sloppy. So my first impression of him wasn't good at all. But when he started playing, it was all forgiven. Incredibly beautiful and sublime the way he played that work. That will always stay with me (except for his name, apparently).

Julien: The most memorable thing for me was being present at the Queen Elisabeth contest to support the candidates during the first round and of course all the way to the finals!


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